How to access SvelteKit dynamic params from router

As I’m working to rebuild in SvelteKit framework, I’m attempting to learn how to access the dynamic bracket parameter for my site called “slug”.


So if I hit this URL http://localhost:3000/post/2 I want to be able to access the number 2 in the url. Is this easy to do so?

The answer is yes! You can access the app store.

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Let’s see this done in practice!

Access dynamic params in SvelteKit with $app/stores

The first step you want to take is to create a .svelte, .js, or .ts file with brackets ([param]) and the dynamic parameter name you desire. Starting routes with ‘[‘ and end with ‘]‘ are dynamic routes in SvelteKit.

So any route that follows a pattern such as ‘/post/abc‘, ‘/post/betty‘ will be matched by routes/post/[slug].svelte.

  import { page } from '$app/stores';

Below is the output of the console.log() above:

{ slug: '2' }

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