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I teach 85,000+ monthly readers how to code. I've been fortunate to work with teams such as Rosetta Stone, Aol, Yahoo, HuffPost and many more.

I talk and share a lot about
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And I’m based out of Northern Virginia.

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Ruben Leija 👋

I’m a JavaScript engineer, part-time writer, and content marketing nerd. I've been lucky to work with talented small, medium, and big size companies such as Rosetta Stone, Aol, Yahoo, and Gumroad.

Here's a list of teams that I've worked with:

I’ve had a lot of “holy shit” moments trying to write scalable JavaScript code.

Now, I’m sharing every lesson I’ve learned about how to start coding on my blog.

I’m not an all-knowing code guru.

But I do know what I’m great at. And that’s 2 things.

Coding JavaScript applications.

I work hands on as a JavaScript engineer with high-growth startups and Fortune 500 brands like Rosetta Stone, Aol, Yahoo, and Verizon to help them create software to promote content that grows their audience.

Here's a free guide to learn the basics of JavaScript, How to start JavaScript.

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Large scale content marketing.

Over the past year, I’ve grown my blog to 85,000+ monthly readers. With my technical expertise & knowledge about SEO, it makes it easy for me to start racking up organic views very quickly.

Check out more about my content marketing work or learn more if you’d like to book me to talk about your content marketing strategy.

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