How to install Deno JS on Windows or Mac

Install Deno with curl

To install Deno, it’s really simple. Let’s start with a good ol fashion curl:

This method works for Mac OS & WSL.

curl -fsSL | sh

You’ll then receive a message:

Deno was installed successfully to /home/$USER/.local/bin/deno

You’ll now need to update your .bash_profile, and add these few lines of code.

export DENO_INSTALL="/home/$USER/.local"

To test, type this in your terminal:


Install Deno with Homebrew

Homebrew is magical and makes everything easy but at the moment this method only works for Mac OS.

Follow these series of commands:

brew update
brew install deno

Once brew has finished doing its thing. Type this command in your terminal to check if it works:

$: deno -v

// Output
deno: 0.2.1
v8: 7.1.302.4
typescript: 3.2.1

Happy coding in Deno!

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