How to remove all CSS styles with JavaScript

Have you ever wonder what Twitter or any other site looks like without styles?

99% of the time all styles in a web page are coming from a style tag or an external stylesheet.

I went over to my one of my old job site, and tried the JavaScript script in the console developer tool.

Here is the before:

NJI Media home page with styles

It’s a really nice looking site. Let’s remove all the styles with this line of JavaScript.

  .forEach(element => element.remove())

In the code snippet above, I’m looking for all the style, and link tags.

I used the remove() method from the fetched element to remove itself from the DOM tree.

ChildNode.remove() does not work on IE, but there is a polyfill version you can pick up from MDN website. ChildNode.remove() MDN polyfill.

Here’s the output:

NJI Media without styles

A fairly plain, and ugly site.

If any element have inline styles, then this method will not remove the styles.

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