How to use querySelector with TypeScript

Are you getting crazy amount of errors on TypeScript when you’re using document.querySelector?

property value does not exist on type Element

In today’s short article, I will go over how to properly define, and use your document.querySelector with TypeScript.

The solution

In this code example, I’m going to create an h1 element, and I’m going to select the element with TypeScript.

<h1 class="headline">Hello World</h1>

const headline: HTMLHeadingElement | null = document.querySelector('.headline');

Let’s go over it really quickly.

I’ve created a variable named headline and it has a type of HTMLHeadingElement or null. That’s because querySelector may return the element if it exists. If it does not exist it will return a null value.

Here are more examples with other HTML elements:

<p class="description">Hello World</p>

<div class="box"></div>

// Paragraph element
const desc: HTMLParagraphElement | null = document.querySelector('.description');

// Div element
const box: HTMLDivElement | null = document.querySelector('.box');

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